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Company Profile

Easily identified by its distinctive Chase Red Branding and with over 45 years combined experience,Chase succeeds in offering a highly personalised approach and has been rewarded by our loyal clients and our ability to grow and provide solid results and return on investment. With their expertise in Sales, Leasing, Investment Properties and Asset Management, Chase are also highly successful property Auctioneers and offer design and construct services and procuring sites for development.

One of Australia's Leading Boutique Agencies

Chase Commercial began in 2004 when a team of like-minded highly experienced people got together with a singular vision in mind - To be One of Australia's Leading Boutique Commercial Agencies. The Chase founders set out to build and grow a company based on trust, loyalty and Partnership. If the four P's of Property are Price, Product, Professionalism and Promotion, Chase Commercial added the "Partnership" element, which has made a world of difference to our business and our clients. Chase Commercial's objective is to work with our clients every step of the way, in order to achieve the best possible results for them. Today we consider we have reached that position in the marketplace with a BRW Fast 100 and several REIQ awards to our credit. That founding management team today share the same common goals and objectives.

What we offer

We pride ourselves on additional value-adding services which include Asset Management, Investment Sales, Project Marketing, Auctioneering, Tenant Re-location and Site Identification, for developers and high net-worth individuals.

We are passionate about assisting our clients in becoming more competitive in a world of ever increasing competition. Our vibrant and confident office culture empowers our people to trust and grow alongside one another in partnership - This environment in turns allows us to form the same strong Partnerships with our clients.

Seasoned Strategists

We understand the importance of quality service and advice, and ensure that our clients are always aligned with relevant and cutting-edge information which enables them to make powerful and informed decisions.

The Chase difference

The Chase difference is all about you and your property.

The Five P's mean nothing if you don't achieve the results you want. We keep your goals top of mind throughout the buying, selling, leasing, management or development process.

Here's what we do best:

  • Deliver quality Commercial and Industrial Assets- ensuring the right building, land parcel, or income producing investment is delivered on time at the right price.
  • Financial Advisors - helping you get the right connections when it comes to professional advice.
  • Provide additional value-adding services which include an extensive web based Content Management System of clients, cutting edge in-house marketing, the distinctive Chase Red branding, and an up to the minute website and research team keeping abreast of market trends.
  • Regularly update you with the latest information to help maintain and improve your key position in the market.
  • Swift and accurate presentation of investment opportunities to you, or to your market to allow for informed and timely buying or selling decisions to be made.

Here's how we do it better, with:

  • The Fifth P - treating you as a Partner in our dedicated, professional team.
  • Our Tailored approach to the changing needs of your business.
  • Quality service and advice, enabling you to make powerful and informed decisions.