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Secure tenants. Longer leases. Higher rentals rates.

Here’s The Problem

  • Your property is vacant and you need the right market advice.
  • Prolonged vacancies are a concern and can be very costly.
  • You want to avoid tenants with a poor financial track record.
  • You want to avoid tenants who do not respect your property.
  • You lack a clear plan to strategically promotes your vacancy.

What's The Real Cost Of Vacancy?

If your property remains unleased and without a tenant, it can create a very stressful and expensive situation for the landlord. You can lose substantial rental income, holding costs including bank interest continue and the overall presentation of your tenancy declines. Your marketing investment yields minimal returns due to poor recommendations and adds a further cost to your property. The real cost can then be a devaluation of your property and overall portfolio.

What If Instead...

  • You had access to latest market data, leases and transactions.
  • You had a strong cohesive leasing team who share key information.
  • Your agent was aware of your tenant’s intentions before actually vacating.
  • Market rentals were negotiated at above-market rates with favourable terms.
  • Your agent worked extremely hard to achieve the best outcome for you.

A Leasing Team Who Are Great Problem Solvers

Our biggest point of difference is a disciplined outbound call culture and proactive interaction with our CRM and client network. Our cloud database and CRM is highly sophisticated and allows the categorisation of all tenants, buyers and owners in the market, providing us instant access to the decision maker and active tenants seeking a new tenancy. We are highly trained in negotiation, marketing and customer behaviour by one of the leading commercial experts in Queensland Managing Director Rod Brown with over 30 years of commercial property experience. Our commercial property leasing Brisbane and Gold Coast team is great at creating a sense of urgency no matter what the market conditions, they are intuitive, proactive and get the job done correctly the first time.

Leasing Division

Rod Brown
Dip. Civ Eng B. Town Planning Dip. AICD
Managing Director
Brisbane Head Office
Jordan Gentile
B.Prop Ec
Sales & Leasing Specialist
North City Fringe Precinct
Tom Hartman
Sales and Leasing Specialist
South Side
Oliver Gardiner
Sales & Leasing Specialist
TradeCoast & Port Precinct

Our Process

Inspecting the building, meeting the client and understanding the product's strengths and weaknesses.

Gathering accurate market evidence and pricing the property in-line with tenant expectations and other competing stock.

Setting clear expectations with the owner about price, timing, positioning and promotional strategies.

Professionally photograph the property and implementing a strategic leasing marketing campaign for maximum exposure

Managing leasing enquiry and qualifying prospects with strong selection criteria.

Undertaking qualified tenant inspections, promote tenant activity, request offers in writing and negotiating leasing documentation.

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