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The four ‘P’s’ of Marketing

Price, Product, Position and Promotion are the industry terms when it comes to successful marketing campaigns. At Chase we realise the importance of involving our clients in the process so we often refer to our 5th “P” of Partnership. Combined, all five elements are equally as important in tailoring a marketing strategy that will get your property out there and get noticed amongst the plethora of information that is presented to us every day.

Changing Market Conditions

With the phenomenal success of the internet and previously unexplored avenues of marketing mediums such as social networking, we believe it is imperative to keep abreast of the changes rapidly occurring within the industry. Even the marketing experts themselves admit they are in unchartered territory.


Do you remember how long ago it was that you simply bought a newspaper to find a property for sale?

It was only back in 2003 that the paper was really the only source of finding listed property for sale.
It would be easy to assume no one reads the paper anymore because the internet is now literally in our back-pockets. However, the latest research tells us reading the paper is a behaviour some of us enjoy for the experience rather than convenience.
The next time you head for your favourite segment in the paper consider why you do this or why research tells us GEN-Y’s, generally don’t read the paper? 

So whilst there are more avenues of marketing available this doesn’t mean that some become antiquated - they still have a certain reach in the market.


What is the benefit of spending money on marketing?

If you really don't think Marketing is going to have an effect on the successful sale of your property, consider this: " How did a colourless, odourless, tasteless product become one of marketing's greatest success stories? How were we convinced that something we could get free from the kitchen tap was worth paying for? - The Gruen Transfer on the $500M+ per year sales in Bottled water. The question is not whether you should or should not, the question is "How".

Why Chase Marketing

Our Marketing department at Chase is constantly researching and evaluating the most successful strategies to market your property with all budgets and demographics in consideration. Generally we engage a cross-section of electronic and print media because we track the results and we go with what we know has the maximum effect for minimum cost. We need to know you are getting the best return for your investment, and whilst we test new marketing techniques, we do so in a way that there is no risk involved. 

Our up to date, fresh and well recognised branding with our Chase Red and our Chase Man gets your property to the market.

Innovative is another term we like to view ourselves as and it is often with amusement we publish a new marketing concept only to find it is very quickly replicated by our competitors. Our latest website enhancements are just one example of our ability to move and keep pace with consumer trends and communication networks and we hope you will find some time to enjoy the site and sample some of our marketing material.