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The Fifth P – Partnership – is top of mind in our tailored approach to finding the perfect fit between lessor and tenant. Our strategy for successful commercial, industrial or retail property leasing is guided by our professional systems, our highly trained staff and the wealth of experience gained by our partners over many years of successfully delivering the most attractive opportunities to clients.

"we can easily say that they are not only extremely professional and tenacious but easy to work with"

Graham Cater, Operations Manager, Hitachi

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Tenants Checklist

At Chase our corporate commitment is to Partner our clients in their commercial property transactions.

We will establish an individually tailored checklist with you. Typically, it would address issues such as:


  • Whether you can rack to the height you need
  • Whether there is room for forklift maneuverability
  • The shape of the warehouse in the context of your needs
  • Whether available electrical power is sufficient for your needs
  • Whether extra power can be supplied and if there are sufficient hardstand provisions


  • Type of fit-out required or available
  • Lighting requirements
  • Air-conditioning configurations
  • IT&T options available


  • Parking
  • Distances from suppliers and distribution networks - even whether the tenant next door is likely to impact on your operations
  • Accessibility to major retailers including Coles or Woolworths
  • Proximity to public transport
  • Location relevant to your targetted market (area demographics and anaysls)