Online and offline marketing for commercial property building powerful buyer and tenant awareness penetrating key markets

Isolating industry sectors and targeting key buyers and tenants in a strategically innovative manner.

The Problem

How do you get your property to stand out in a competitive market?. Too many real estate agencies simply take an amateur photo, place an open listing and put a generic sign up and hope to get enquiry. In a crowded market getting your property noticed requires skill and marketing experience. If your property is incorrectly aligned with market expectation prior to promotion, your chances of success are greatly decreased.

Additionally, if the presentation of the property is poor, your chances of receiving qualified enquiry also greatly diminishes. The result? A missed opportunity as a potential buyer or tenant hasn’t seen the unique point of difference your property should showcase.

Your Solution

A real estate agency who executes and communicates a marketing plan with the client prior to listing the property for lease or sale. A team of professional agents who have been trained how to identify and isolate the correct user prior to placing the property on the market.

Well thought-out product placement over multiple platforms which are in sync with market at the time of execution is the key to effective marketing. A strategic and innovative investment across all platforms including print, media, custom domains, social media and Google keyword search is critical.

Buyers and tenants may notice an ad on the side of a bus, a sign in front of the property, an online ad and with awareness and repetition, they initiate contact. We will get your property to stand out from the crowd

Our Process

Provide presentation recommendations that involve minimal cost (e.g paint, touch-ups, staging, gardens, cleaning flooring etc).

Award-winning photography at the ideal time of day (e.g early morning or late evening) for optimal lighting and colours.

Copywriting that quickly attracts the attention of buyers, engages their emotion, and can be easily searched.

Investing in the right ad portals such as Real Commercial Australia and Commercial Real Estate (which make up 98% of the online market)

Setting up custom domain names and sharing links across online and offline platforms.

Implementing a social media campaign with attention-grabbing posts on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Managing buyer and tenant enquiry, and conducting inspections with all interest parties.

Conduct our regular sales and leasing procedures, and negotiating the best possible mutual outcome.

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